Hi, I'm Sarah, an app developer from Melbourne with an interest in how apps touch people's lives.

You're an individual or a small business with an idea for a touch app and it's great. Perhaps you've been thinking about it for some time.

You need help with tech design and building the app, but a big software company or someone overseas both seem a bit impersonal.

I can work with you, understanding not just the technical side but also how you hope to touch lives with your app. I'll become a kind of collaborator on the project, suggesting improvements and how to go about it.

Contact me to get started and we can tee up a time to discuss your idea. We'll go over subjects like:

  • What features you might need for feedback, monetisation etc
  • App design ideas & Apple guidelines
  • How small can we make version 1 to get you published sooner?
  • What else you might need in terms of servers, graphic designers and PR
  • Typical costs for an app of this scale