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A Custom Site To Help You Connect & Touch Lives

Websites Connect People

To touch lives we need to connect. A website can help clients connect with you. Not just any clients but the ones you were meant to serve.

I build websites for counsellors, massage therapists, healers and others who feel the call to help others through a small practice or business.

A website gives credibility to your practice or small business, it's an anchor that proclaims "I am here! I can help you and here's how to get started!"

You don't need to be a tech person – that's where I come in. I can handle design, hosting, domain names – all the tools needed to get your message out there on a great website.

Features Of A Great Site

Most important is that your site is appealing to the right people – not just anyone but the clients you'd love to be working with.

Express your style! Each website attracts some people and repels others. Make sure the ones you're here to serve will be the ones who like your style!

Think about your site from a client's perspective – make it about them not about you.

Ensure your site works as well on mobile as it does on the desktop, so you won't miss out on half your audience.

Include a call to action. This is where you virtually offer a hand and invite your client to join you. Make it easy.
Got business cards. Got brochure... Got a current website??

The Process

We meet in person (or via phone/Skype) and take the time to make sure I understand your passion, your personality, and your hopes and fears around connecting through a website.

I design your site, getting regular feedback from you. I handle the design and tech from beginning to end – photos, art, words, hosting, domain registration, SEO and more. All you have to do is chat with me about what you need and I'll make it happen.

Once a month we'll catch up again to go over how the site is performing and any updates or tweaks you might need.

Typical Pricing

About Me

My name's Sarah George and after many years in the corporate IT world I've found my niche using my skills to help people one-on-one so I can see real smiles on real faces.

I'm local to Bundoora, Melbourne 🇦🇺 and part of the 🌈 LGBTI/Q (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Inter-sexed or Queer) community. My wife is a counsellor so I have a particular interest in the needs of solo practitioners.

Any Questions?