Melbourne Web Developer - Heartfelt Web Sites for small business and community groups in Melbourne. Queer-friendly!

Small business & community websites made in Melbourne

Why A Website

Websites have basically replaced phonebook listings for business as the "must have" way to be found.

A website helps people to find you, and can add a sense of authority to your organisation.

A good website will include direct calls to action, so people who find you through the site or have after a time decided to get in touch can get started with you that way. It also gives an anchor to your regular news (Facebook, Blog or mailing list) so people can follow you.

Perhaps you're looking to start a web business with a storefront, or enhance your service business with an appointment scheduler.

Who Am I

I'm Sarah George, and this is my business, SyncUp. I make Heartfelt Sites for small business & Community Groups, locally from Melbourne Australia.

In 2011, I left the corporate software sector to start my own business, where I could meet with real people doing interesting things rather than just "the next project".

I see myself as diversity-friendly and my wife and I are part of the LGBTI/Q (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Inter-sexed or Queer) community.
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Who Are You

You are small businesses, individuals with big ideas or community groups.

You are people I can get passionate about supporting, regardless of gender, size of organisation, commercial, government or private.

You might, for example, be:
  • An entrepreneur in or around Melbourne looking for a small business website to help boost sales
  • A LGBTI/Q group looking to build a queer community website
  • Admin for a support organisation who needs to get the word out with an interactive website
  • A virtual assistant needing a web site for your own business and online IT support

Other Options

DIY Sites
  • Look tacky
  • Or take a lot of time
  • Can miss out on traffic and conversion expertise

Large Web Firms
  • May be overpriced
  • Might not really understand you
  • Might not tell you if the site isn't paying off

The Heartfelt Difference

I can help get your message out:
  • We'll meet in person to make sure I understand you and your passion
  • I'll design your site with your feedback
  • I have the experience to use cost-saving tools and re-usable components, AND the coding background to roll up my sleeves and write custom code to make a design "just so"
  • I help craft words that express your personality and character
  • I can help follow up with blog writing and social media assistance